Welcome to AposCare™

Revolutionizing Care for chronic knee and back pain

Our mission is to get you back to doing what you love! Using our state-of-the-art technology Apos®, we treat the underlying cause of your pain to help you move better and live better!

It’s easy to make Apos® a part of your day.

You do not need to be actively walking in your Apos® at all times. For example, if you wear your Apos® in the morning, put them on before you make your coffee and toast a bagel. Then sit to enjoy your breakfast. Get up once you are done and put your cup and plate in the sink.

All those little walks will add up!

Follow-ups with your Care Team are critical to help you move better and live better!

Here is how:

  • Maximize your success
  • Adjust the Apos® device if needed
  • Optimize your care plan

Tips for Success

Develop a daily routine!

Set up an ideal time to wear your Apos® every day and make it part of daily life.

If you experience muscle cramps or fatigue

when wearing Apos®, decrease your wear time.

Be patient!

Remember, improvements take time.

Use your Apos® regularly

for optimal effectiveness.

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